Nursing & Post-Natal Activewear - Supporting & empowering women during their post-natal recovery & fitness journey

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Have you recently had a baby and been given the 'all-clear' to return to exercise? Do you breastfeed and struggle to find a crop you can wear to the gym?

Do you wear your maternity bra to your Mum&Bub fitness class? Are you squishing your milk filled mummy jugs into a regular sports crop? Have you squirt bub in the face with boobie juice trying to feed during a workout?

At Omm FIT we get it...motherhood is hard enough! So when it comes to your post-natal recovery journey we want you to have the right gear! This is why we are committed to supporting & empowering nursing & post-natal mothers achieve their fitness & recovery goals by making comfortable, practical & affordable activewear.
The perfect sports crop for nursing & breastfeeding mums. Working out and breastfeeding have never been easier! Comfortable, practical and affordable...only $36.95!!
All for Mothers
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Activewear for Nursing & Post-Natal Mums
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